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"Our sales team has been loving Champify. We'd only recently been tapping the well of "former power users" to generate new pipeline, but it was all manual. The reports that get generated in Salesforce are intuitive and immediately actionable."

Kevin - Growth and Partnerships

"Champify makes it so painlessly easy to access our top users at new companies to build  pipeline. Not only are we getting a high number of meetings, but the meetings themselves are high quality. We have already started to think about Champify as a hybrid of an inbound and an outbound lead."

Sam - Sales Enablement

"Former customers are one of the best growth levers, however it's been impossible to operationalize across tools and teams. Champify is exactly what we were looking for, and we set it up in one call."

Nikko - Revenue Operations

"After turning on Champify, we got a simple notification that a previous champion moved to our target account, and closed a 6-figure deal with a very solid logo in 3 weeks!"

Emily - Director of Sales

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