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Tapping into Previous Users to Unlock New Revenue
of all new logo revenue attributed to Champify
of all Champify-sourced meetings convert to pipeline
ROI within 6 months
Stage: Series B
Target Audience: Life Sciences
Champify Use Case: Pipeline Creation
"We know word of mouth is a strong driver for pipeline, but we've struggled to come up with a method to operationalize that source. Champify has helped us create warm "cold" intros and adding a whole new channel to our pipeline."
Andrew Berger - VP Global Sales
“Champify has a great onboarding process and they are always available.  A couple of meetings and we were able to implement it quickly. With Champify you’re going after people who know you and know your value. This means a shorter sales cycle.”
Aoife Malloy - Global Manager, Business Development

Hear from our Champions

"Our entire company puts a lot of effort into building a great product and a base of customers who truly love it. With Champify that effort doesn’t just help us close deals, it opens new opportunities for us as well."

Becca Lindquist
VP Sales -dbtLabs

"I closed a Champify lead 3x faster than our standard deal cycle. It made up 123% of my quarterly quota. Overall, I’ve sourced 23% of my overall pipeline via Champify."

Zach Hollingsworth
Account Executive - Heap

"Former customers are one of the best growth levers, however it's been impossible to operationalize across tools and teams. Champify is exactly what we were looking for, and we set it up in one call."

Nikko Georgantonis
Revenue Operations - Hightouch

"Champify will be the difference-maker to your pipeline this year, allowing your entire company to capitalize on the data and brand familiarity your former clients already have with you"

Sam McKenna

"Not tracking your former clients costs you a ton of revenue if you aren't paying attention. I always tell my clients that outbound doesn't always have to mean It's cold. Outbound is about getting net new business through any channel possibly. Champify solves this by organizing your former clients in a simple format so your reps can be thoughtful and insightful on how they reach out."

Morgan Ingram
4x Linkedin Top Sales Voice

"Outbound prospecting via email is getting less and less effective. Champify makes it really easy to grow your “fan base” and ends up being 5-7x more effective than anything else our SDRs work on."

Ravi Parikh
CoFounder - Airplane

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