Champify for Sales

From relationship to revenue

Snowball your growth by engaging former customers to start new conversations and accelerate open opportunities.

"Our entire company puts a lot of effort into building a great product and a base of customers who truly love it. With Champify that effort doesn’t just help us close deals, it opens new opportunities for us as well."

Relationships are at the core of deal execution. Make it part of your pipeline strategy.

Break into more accounts

You've already started the conversation with your former customers. Keep the relationship alive and reach out as your key contacts change jobs.

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Break into new logos with former champions

Former customers are 6x more likely to respond to "cold" outreach than prospects from traditional b2b data tools.

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Take action with your existing tools & workflows

Champify integrates with all your tools like Slack, Salesforce, Groove, Outreach, Salesloft, and more.

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Re-engage your former customers who move to new jobs
thread out to previous customers

Build your buying committee

Multi-thread when former customers move into open opps. When a Champify contact is in the buying committee the deal is 2.5x more likely to close and will close faster.

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Close more deals, faster

Identify the contacts who are most likely to buy. Former customers

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Already know and trust you and your team

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Already know your product, its value, and where it helps

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Already understand what it takes to make implementation successful

Former champions convert 2.5x higher than SaaS average with a win-rate of 49% on average
Expand with former product users

Expand your accounts

Find new entry points for expansion as former customers join your book of business. Engage them to drive adoption and introduce additional products.

Build pipeline that closes

Champify is the platform to turn job changes into new logo revenue.

Use context to engage your former customers
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Monitor your closed won contacts as they grow their careers.

Salesforce Workflow
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Native integration with Salesforce to scale the former customer strategy across your team.

Add contacts from meetings to salesforce automatically
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Ensure all contacts that meet with your team are in Salesforce and attached to the right opportunities - automatically.