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How to build an outbound culture

Building an outbound culture is hard work. We interviewed top sales leaders at companies like Gong, Harness, Clari and Zuora to put together the leadership guide for building that pipegen muscle.

Meet the experts
Why build an outbound culture? 

What you'll Get in this guide

  • A deep understanding of how you, as a sales leader, can build an outbound culture
  • Exclusive interviews with leaders like Justin Gellar at Gong, Daisy Chung at Orum, Brian Michael (formerly Medallia and Snapdocs), and more
  • Tactical resources like a hiring guide, PG activity calculator, and account planning worksheet
  • Example operating cadences from Harness, Navan, Clari, and more


Champify talks to dozens of the best GTM leaders every week. One thing holds true: no matter who we talk to, there is no silver bullet when it comes to building consistent pipeline. 

Despite the explosion of AI-powered sales software, the rise of GTM-focused growth teams, and more tooling than ever before, GTM teams are fighting to hit their numbers. The companies that are seeing the most success have built (or are actively building) a pipegen (PG) culture, regardless of their tech stack.  

So why build a PG culture?

We recently conducted 10 detailed interviews with well-respected sales leaders. Across the board the message was clear: rep habits have a huge impact on company outcomes. With the right culture in place, every other lever you pull has a larger impact. 

To quote the great Scott Davis - building a PG culture is “simple, but it’s hard”. We’ve broken down the advice from our interviews and compiled it into the six critical ingredients of a strong outbound culture: commitment, clear expectations, an operating cadence, operations support, enablement, and a stellar team.

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Meet the experts

Mark Treacy Headshot
Mark Treacy
SVP Key Account Sales

Mark is an impressive leader with runs at Oracle, Linkedin, and Medallia. He's currently the SVP of Key Account Sales at Miro.

daisy chung headshot
Daisy Chung
Director of Sales

Daisy, now the Director of Sales at Orum, also served at its first AE. She has countless conversations with SDR and Sales leaders every single day. Before joining Orum she was an AE and SDR leader at Namely.

Doug May
Doug May
SVP Productivity

Doug is a GTM Productivity and Enablement expert. He led GTM teams at Splunk and Datadog, and is currently SVP Productivity at Harness.

Justin Gellar
Justin Geller
VP of Sales

Justin was the first management hire at Gong and is now the VP of Corporate Sales, managing a org of 120+ people. Before Gong, Justin was an AE and leader at LinkedIn, Zenefits, and Greenhouse.

Carrie Bosworth
Carrie Bosworth
SVP of Sales

Carrie is currently the SVP of Sales at Checkr where she runs a org with more than 150 people. Prior to joining Checkr she built her leadership chops at companies like Salesforce and Yext

Brian Michael
Brian Michael

Brian is an experienced SaaS veteran who took Medallia from a small, booststrapped company to IPO before joining Snapdocs as their CRO. He is currently the founder of Budburst, a revenue focused consulting firm focused on star-up and scale-up GTM teams.

Neal George
Neal George
GM Customer Growth

Neal has served as VP of Sales and CRO at companies like Tealium, Heap and Rimeto (acquired by Slack). He currently is the GM of Customer Innovation and Growth at Zuora where his org focuses on the most strategic customers.

maya connet
Maya Connet
SVP Inside Sales

Maya has spent the last 5+ years scaling Clari where she currently is the VP of Inside Sales, managing both SDR and AE orgs. In addition to her experience, she has thousands of conversations with leading CROs each year.

Jose Soares
Jose Soares
Sr. Manager Sales

Jose was the first SDR at Navan. He's had 8 promotions in 8 years starting from SDR to SDR leader, to Senior Sales leader in their commercial segment. He's a core part of the sales DNA at a company that has grown from 30 - 2k+ during his tenure.

ellen rataj
Ellen Rataj
VP Sales

Ellen is 9 year Hubspot veteran where she built the Sales Enablement and Sales Productivity departments. Most recently she is the VP of Sales at FreeWill.

Steve Travaglini
Steve Travaglini

Steve was the Head of Sales at Onshape ($470m exit) and then CRO at Linksquares where he grew revenue from 500k to 50m+ in ARR with roughly 90% of revenue coming from outbound. Currently he is the Founder and CEO at Winrate.

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