Know when to say "hello" again

You've build strong customer advocates. Don't lose contact when they change jobs.

“We've generated easily seven figures of pipeline... most importantly, in the first quarter of us deploying Champify, we sourced the biggest new logo deal of all time at Clari in a record short amount of time.”

Reach your pipeline goals faster, with leads that convert to Closed - Won


Of CRM contacts change jobs every year. That's 1 out of every 5 customers.


Of former customer leads are missed when relying on tools like LinkedIn or ZoomInfo.


Former customers are 6x more likely to convert from lead to closed-won than cold outreach.

Find high intent accounts

Your hottest accounts have a strong set of users and champions. The number of former customers can provide a 3x stronger buying signal than other intent data. Add Champify's Familiarity Score to your account scoring model.

account scoring model
Target high intent accounts with multiple former customers

Engage contacts that already trust you

Keep the conversation going by re-engaging former customers as they move to new target accounts. Find hot accounts with multiple warm entry points for targeted ABM.

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Deliver qualified leads to your SDR team

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Create familiarity-based ABM campaigns

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Target key audiences on LinkedIn with relationship-based campaigns

Land emails in the inbox

Don't let out of date emails hurt your domain reputation. Keep your CRM clean with accurate email and job information to boost email engagement, minimize bounce rate, and lift deliverability.

of emails in your CRM
are out dated
Of contacts change jobs
every month on average
Clean up old emails to improve deliverability

Snowball your growth

Stay in touch with your best customer relationships to unlock an always-on lead source

Find high intent accounts
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Identify + score accounts with clusters of former customers

Clean old emails to improve deliverability and engagement
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Flag all departed contacts in your CRM & enrich with fresh ICP contacts and leads

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Send Champify data to the tools you already know and love