Security Overview

Type I Certified



Salesforce AppExchange Certification

Champify completed the Salesforce AppExchange Security review process in order to be an approved vendor in the Salesforce Appexchange. The process (described here) involves security scans and Salesforce security team’s review of Champify’s package and 3rd party data processors.


As a native Salesforce App, Champify resides within our customers' Salesforce environments, which increases reliability and security compared to a third party application.

Protection of Customer Data

Champify does not store sensitive customer data or PII outside of customers' Salesforce environments. By extension, the Salesforce data center and cloud security measures apply.

Champify encrypts all data entering or leaving Salesforce with TLS/HTTPS.

Laws and Regulations

Champify maintains compliance with GDPR and CCPA regulations. For more details, please visit our GDPR & CCPA resources.

Policies and Procedures

Our policies ensure that we comply with applicable standards and regulations and offer business continuity and customer notification plans to satisfy your requirements.

Personnel Security 

All Champify employees undergo security awareness training and are continuously updated on information security awareness via newsletters and relevant security notifications.

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