Champify vs LinkedIn SalesNav

SalesNav is the best prospecting search engine, and recently started marketing their "relationship explorer" functionality.

Fun fact: the relationship explorer is a re-branded version of a function that's been live since 2021. This page breaks down the major differences and why they matter.

On average, Champify customers that used this function in 2021 and 2022 realized that, after launching Champify, they had only been able to find and act on 5% of the relevant customer job changes.

Data control / Workflow

Job change data should be centralized in your CRM with contact info and account formo - so it can plug into sales engagement workflows.


SalesNav only tracks individuals linked to a closed won opportunity, which accounts for <20% of your key customer contacts.


LinkedIn has the data, but low match rates and false positives make their job change alerting unreliable.

Complete coverage of your customer relationships

SalesNav only tracks individuals linked to a closed won opportunity, which misses 80% of the former customer opportunity.

70% of Champify customers' pipeline comes from non opp-contact relationships.

Ensure job changes are relevant, accurate, and actionable

On average, LinkedIn's match rate between a Salesforce contact and LinkedIn profile is 30% less than Champify, meaning missed job changes for the contacts SalesNav does track.



Set specific criteria for who to track
Automatically track new contacts that meet criteria
Average Match rate
Salesforce: Flag outdated contacts
Salesforce: update/create contact for new employment
Find email for new employment
Surface leads in unowned / greenfield accounts
Integrate with sales and marketing automation

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