Champify vs Linkedin Sales Navigator

Revenue teams miss 90% of customer job changes with LinkedIn SalesNav

"Before Champify we were capturing ~10% of relevant customer job changes. People may say they're doing this with SalesNav, but there's no real way to measure how many opportunities you're actually leaving behind."

"Before Champify, I wasn’t leveraging all the relationships that I built for over 4 years. I’d be checking LinkedIn, but Champify allows me to do this at a scale that was previously impossible."

Ready to scale or experimenting with a one-off? 

SalesNav is great for one-off plays, but even teams with LinkedIn SalesNav turn to Champify to engage former customers at scale and measure the impact. Here's the best way to use SalesNav.  

Get the guide to tracking champions with SalesNav ->

Why use Champify for champion tracking?

Spend your time on the right contacts

Engage people who actually know and love your product.

Track a complete and accurate customer list.
Don't miss out on engaging product users, customer success contacts, and people you've met with. Don't waste time with people who don't know your product.

Eliminate False Positives. 
SalesNav struggles to interpret part time jobs, promotions, and title changes, leading to significant false positives and wasting your teams' time.

Updated Contact Information.
LinkedIn does not surface contact info, company firmographics, or relationship details needed to route & action.

Champify vs LinkedIn
Champify Data Flows

Why leave it to chance?

One-off plays work for one rep. Customers are your company's most valuable asset. Scalable and measurable strategies require integrated workflows.

Don't "think" you are running the play. Get Visibility.
With Champify you can measure the impact to make sure all your most valuable leads are engaged and measure the pipleine and revenue impacts down stream

Don't waste time on manual logging and contact research.
Get the right data delivered directly to the right person, in the right tool.

Build routing based on your business strategy.
Don't miss out on engaging opportunities because you aren't creating the right contacts/ownsers in Salesforce.

Compare Champify with LinkedIn SalesNav



Customer Types Tracked
Closed-Won Opps Contacts
Product Users
Customer Success Contacts
Custom Relationships (Closed Lost, Power Users - etc.)
Salesforce + Workflow Integrations
Automatically create & update new records in SFDC
Integrate with Sales, Marketing, and CSM tools
Find contact info for new employment including email
Auto-qualify titles based on your CRM closed won contacts
Surface leads in unowned / greenfield accounts
Data Enrichment & Measurement
Find contact info for new employment including email
Relationship types for tailored outreach
Relationship context (previous role, closest connections)
Dashboards to measure volume, adoption and impact