Champify vs linkedin sales navigator

Revenue teams miss 90% of customer job changes with SalesNav

"Before Champify we were capturing ~10% of relevant customer job changes. People may say they're doing this with SalesNav, but there's no real way to measure how many opportunities you're actually leaving behind."

"Before Champify, I wasn’t leveraging all the relationships that I built for over 4 years. I’d be checking LinkedIn, but Champify allows me to do this at a scale that was previously impossible."

SalesNav lacks the automation and integrations needed to operationalize repeat buyers

Data Quality

Fresh, complete, & enriched data for your most important contacts is the foundation of a successful repeat buyer program.

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Scope: SalesNav is only able to tracks a fraction of your customer contacts. You can only follow what your sales team tracks.

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Match Rates: LinkedIn has a 30% lower match rate

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Job Change Interpretation: LinkedIn struggles to interpret part time jobs and title changes, leading to significant false positives

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Enrichment: LinkedIn does not surface contact info, company firmographics, or relationship details needed to route & action

Champify vs LinkedIn
Champify Data Flows

Integration & Workflow

Successful strategy implementation requires scalability and visibility into adoption and results. This requires integrations to your workflows.

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CRM Update: without having an enriched contact for the new job, RevOps cannot assign data to the right person.

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Workflow: the difference between having to search for hours to gather a portion of the data, vs having all of the right data delivered directly to the right person, in the right tool

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Reporting: is the team actually leveraging this data? is it helping us? how many are we missing?



Track all customer relationships
Categorize and label different relationship types
Automatically track new contacts that meet criteria
Average Match rate
Salesforce: Flag outdated contacts
Salesforce: update or create record for new jobs
Find contact info for new employment
Surface leads in unowned / greenfield accounts
Integrate with Sales, Marketing, and CSM tools
Measure lead volume, adoption, and impact