Champify vs LinkedIn SalesNav

SalesNav is the best prospecting search engine - but isn't effective for tracking  job changes at scale or operationalizing across your organization. This page reviews the  workflow, data quality, and features needed for an effective Alumni-Qualified-Lead program.


Job change data should be centralized in your CRM, not tied to an end user's login. Contacts will move to different company sizes / territories, and need to be routed to a different team.


Manual workflows are inconsistent and not scalable - spend your time engaging with prospects, not wrangling data.


LinkedIn has the data, but low match rates and false positives make their job change alerting unreliable. It's also crucial to only track contacts with high familiarity, rather than all contacts at a customer account.

SalesNav misses 30% of job changes


Spend time on PG, not wrangling data



Set specific criteria for who to track
Automatically track new contacts that meet criteria
Average Match rate
Salesforce: Flag outdated contacts
Salesforce: update/create contact for new employment
Find email for new employment
Alert account owners
Integrate with sales and marketing automation

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