Run the numbers

Join a quick call with our team to set yourself up for a custom data-test.

  • Analysis and data quality review of your historical job change data
  • Sample of 100 tier-1 leads from the test data
  • Projections for pipeline and closed-won impact from Champify
  • Recommended strategy and scope

"After turning on Champify, we got a simple notification that a previous champion moved to our target account, and closed a 6-figure deal with a very solid logo in 3 weeks!"

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Frequently asked questions

How does the data test work?

After signing an MNDA, Champify will provide specifications for the data needed for the test. Once you provide Champify the necessary data, we'll run it through our data platform and put together an analysis of the results along with 100 sample leads for your team and pricing/scope options. Following the data test, we delete all of your data.

Can a single sales rep sign up?

Not today. The nature of customer job changes means that the best value comes when Champify is centralized and distributed across the organization. One person's customers may move to different territories and segments, meaning that one person's departure is another person's arrival - making it difficult to maximize impact for a single user without tapping into the full audience of your customer advocates.

Is there a limit to data volume?

Since Champify's data processing is 100% algorithmic, we can process as many records as needed to help you understand a true picture of your repeat buyer opportunity.

How fast can we expect the results?

The data processing itself typically takes sub 15 minutes. Champify's team then spends 1-2 hours producing a custom analysis and recommendation based on your data, business objectives, and GTM model.