Find buyers who already know you

Build pipeline and win more deals by selling to former customers and users, all within Salesforce.
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"Former customers are one of the best growth levers, however it's been near impossible to operationalize across tools and teams. Champify is exactly what we needed, and we set it up in one call."
Nikko - Revenue and Growth Operations

Engage your growing community of customer alumni

Break into new accounts

Find warm ins to new markets and verticals who are 5x more likely to respond.

Increase sales efficiency

Increase output per rep by prioritizing warm connections who are 2-3x more likely to buy.

Reduce CAC

Allocate spend to a more efficient channel: former customers.

20% of your customers change jobs each year

Your customer community has a relationship with your team, familiarity with your service, and grows organically as you do.

Only a small fraction come back inbound, meaning without an efficient way to operationalize key job changes, teams miss 90% of opportunities and leave LTV on the table.

Engage customer alumni
at scale

Champify's Salesforce application continuously monitors employment changes for high-value contacts, automatically updates Salesforce, qualifies new leads, and alerts the reps and csms that need to know. 

After one call of initial setup - your team will receive warm leads and churn risks every week, and can quickly engage with your sales and marketing automation tools.

Why Champify

As a Salesforce Appexchange app, Champify is hosted within your Salesforce. Set up once, and have data distributed to the right stakeholders.
Leverage product and CRM data to craft high-value audiences. Champify continuously monitors these groups as they grow.
Someone's new employment isn't always in a relevant account or department. Ensure all job change leads are relevant.
Automatically distribute leads and alert  sales and CSM based on territory and account segmentation.
Populate Champify SFDC leads directly into sales engagement tools. No new logins or workflows.
Pre-built Salesforce dashboard to measure lead volume, adoption, and impact on pipeline + revenue.

Supercharge your existing workflows

Champify resides within Salesforce, and delivers data to your existing workflows and GTM tools. No external logins, no need for your team to juggle a separate web app.

Frequently asked questions

Who should we track?

Only track the contacts that matter - champions, power users, high NPS contacts, opportunity contacts.

Champify's team will provide guidance for setup and creating these audiences.

How many leads can we expect?

Due to historical buildup, 20-40% of your customer contacts have already changed jobs. And on an ongoing basis, around 2% of contacts change jobs each month.

For example: if you track 20,000 contacts, you can expect 5k warm leads off the bat, and 400 each subsequent month.

How is this different than SalesNav or Zoominfo?

See our detailed comparisons for both SalesNav and ZoomInfo.

SalesNavigator is the best prospecting search engine, and ZoomInfo is great for general CRM enrichment. Given they miss 30-50% of job changes, require significant manual work, and don't automatically update Salesforce -they aren't best for this use case.

Champify is purpose built for leveraging your alumni customers - automated for this specific use case, superior data quality, and easy to operationalize.

How does Champify update Salesforce?

When Champify detects a job change:

(1) flags the outdated record as "no longer at company"
(2) updates existing or creates a contact/lead for new employment, with valid title, email, and LinkedIn URL and flag.
(3) includes relevant context from the previous contact + account.

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