How Quantum metric created 8 figures in pipeline and a top converting channel via an untapped market, repeat buyers

As the pioneer in Continuous Product Design, Quantum Metric helps organizations put customers at the heart of everything they do. The Quantum Metric platform empowers a customer-centric culture, helping business and technology teams align faster on customer needs and prioritize the opportunities that will drive the most value.

8 Figures

of pipeline created in 12 months


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“Champify has been a game-changer for us, opening up a whole new pipeline and revenue stream that we didn’t have access to before. In a landscape where getting demand is trickier and pricier, turning to our past champions just makes sense. Those nuggets of insight that used to live only in our sales team’s minds as their customers hopped from one company to the next are now out in the open, thanks to Champify. They have effectively enabled us to unlock and act upon these insights, significantly enhancing our approach to relationship management and revenue generation.” 

- Alexi Hatch, VP Global Growth Marketing

“With Champify, we are creating a sustainable, reliable, and efficient channel using our best asset, our happy customers.” - Trevor Pyle, Sr. Director Product Marketing & Strategy

The results?

  • 40% meeting to opp conversion, a top 3 channel 
  • 8-figures of pipeline in 12 months
  • 6 figures closed-won revenue (to date)

Leveraging the Happy Customer

Quantum Metric provides in-depth digital analytics to monitor, diagnose, and optimize the customer journey for many large household brand names. With each of these logos comes tens to even a hundred happy customers. Quantum saw an opportunity ahead of them.

“We had this opportunity: we have happy customers, they are moving jobs, and they are talking about us. These customers are our champions and advocates -  they see Quantum Metric as a way to propel their career forward, so they bring Quantum along as they progress in their careers.

And we had this problem: how do we go and create more efficient pipeline? Marketing is harder and Sales is harder - how can we keep the CAC low and ensure the deals in pipeline are going to efficiently close with a high AOV and happy customers?,” says Trevor.

Champify was Quantum Metric’s second attempt at programmatically identifying and reaching out to former customers. While the channel had initial positive leading indicators, Quantum’s team struggled with the Salesforce integration of their first vendor. It wasn’t as easy to configure and required ongoing maintenance.

“We wanted something that would work seamlessly. Champify is a more ‘hands-off’ solution when it comes to implementation and ongoing platform management”

- Eric Velli, Senior Manager of Marketing Operations 

A tight partnership between Marketing and Sales

When Champify detects that a Quantum Metric customer contact has changed jobs, the automation reviews Quantum’s ideal customer profile to confirm the new job meets the specified headcount and title requirements. If those criteria are met, Champify creates a new lead and it’s passed through the revenue tool stack and is routed to the territory SDR. If the lead meets Marketing’s qualification or engagement threshold, it is ranked higher in the SDR’s prospecting queue.

“Our goal in bringing on Champify was to supplement marketing leads. We wanted to provide Sales with a new channel and discover this untapped market of customers. While we always knew the former customer audience existed, we didn’t have a way to identify these job changes at scale. Champify turned former customers into a channel for us.

- Eric Velli, Senior Manager of Marketing Operations 

Quantum Metric uses a combination of ICP qualification criteria (e.g. account fit, job title) and the person’s historical marketing touches (e.g. events, ads, campaigns) to flag a lead as higher priority.

According to Eric, “Champify has served as another lever to tighten the relationship and build alignment between Marketing and Sales. Sales knows that these leads are turning into good opportunities, and it saves them time because they are being handed them a qualified lead.”

The goal in adding any marketing channel is to create a cost efficient source and a scalable  follow-up workflow that can be reliably measured.  “Champify allows us to follow buyers more easily and more quickly, they’ve built out a channel instead of having this be an ad-hoc task reps take on.” - says Trevor

Personalized sales experience from day 1

In addition to funneling high quality and high converting leads to the Sales org, Quantum Metric embeds the Champify data even further up funnel.

“We leverage Qualified (as our live chat tool) and we actually recognize a person as a Champify when they come to our site. We’ll give them a different experience, whether a different track or different content, because we’re aware that they know Quantum Metric and they aren’t a brand new prospect.” - Eric Velli

This makes Quantum’s already happy former customers know they are valued and helps drive inbound conversion and meeting rates.