Champify vs ZoomInfo

Revenue teams miss over 95% of customer job changes with ZoomInfo

"With Champify we were able to mitigate key person risk and operationalize our [Champion Channel] by bringing the data into our CRM so that we could easily take action. Champify has helped us uncover 2,000 customer job changes that we had not yet recorded in our system"

"Having an automated way, especially as our customer base grows, and not having all the information living with each CSM or AE, is crucial. We have peace of mind that we’re not going to miss anything and be able to act on new business in a timely manner"

ZoomInfo lacks the data freshness & automation needed to operationalize repeat buyers

Data Quality

Fresh, complete, & enriched data for your most important contacts is the foundation of a successful repeat buyer program.

Since ZoomInfo relies on scraping email signatures, they have great contact info, but aren't able map an individual across multiple companies.

Less than 70% of records are refreshed, and the portion of records that are updated only get refreshed every 6-24 months.

ZoomInfo vs. Champify Leads
Champify Data Flows

Integration & Workflow

How can we make the data easy to action, or measure if it's being adopted or helping drive revenue?

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CRM Update: without being able to auto create or assign the new lead, how can we ensure it gets to the right person?

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Automation: if the data lives in a giant list in an external tool, how can we control or measure what's done with it? With ZoomInfo, you must manually pass lists back and forth in order to track new records or retrieve leads at scale.

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Reporting: is the team actually leveraging this data? is it helping us? how many are we missing?



Automatically track new customer contacts
Data refresh frequency
2 weeks
6 - 48 months
Salesforce: auto flag outdated contacts
Salesforce: auto create and route new lead
Find contact info for new job
Provide context on previous relationship
Measure lead volume, adoption, and impact