Intelligence to power your existing tools and workflows.


Automatically update your CRM

Champify's native Salesforce application automatically reads from and writes to standard lead, contact and account objects. Maintain fresh data on your top customers and prospects.

Route leads like any other channel

Leverage your existing routing tools and logic, or Champify's native routing, to ensure data is delivered to the right rep at the right time.

Power ABM & Account Scoring

Number of former users in an account is a great proxy for account fit and likelihood to buy.

Engage leads with one click

Place champify qualified leads into a targeted sales cadence with one click.

Trigger CSM Playbooks

Automatically trigger CSM playbooks when key relationships leave or join customer accounts.

Sync product users

Product users are the most valuable audience to track with Champify. Don't have this data in your CRM already? not a problem. We can codelessly read this data via reverse ETL.

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