Self-serve or guided setup in <45 minutes. Warm leads start delivering to the right reps within 1 day.


For companies with up to 5,000 customer contacts and users.
$500 / month
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First month leads:  200-1,000
Leads / month ongoing: 50-100
Native Salesforce integration
Email alerts for sales & CSM
Adoption & pipeline reporting


For companies with more than 5,000 customer contacts and users.
Starting at:
$1,000 / month
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Everything in Startup, plus:
First month leads: 500-2,000+
Leads / month ongoing: 80-500+
Dedicated Customer Success
Account scoring


For companies with more than 50,000 customer contacts and users.
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Everything in Growth, plus:
First month leads: 5,000-10,000+
Leads / month ongoing: 500-2,000+
Custom operations & reporting
Quarterly Pipeline Audit
*All paid plans include a money-back ROI guarantee
Tapping into Previous Users to Unlock New Revenue
of all new logo revenue attributed to Champify
of all Champify-sourced meetings convert to pipeline
ROI within 6 months

Frequently asked questions

How is this different than SalesNav relationship explorer?

See our detailed comparisons for both SalesNav and ZoomInfo.

SalesNavigator is the best prospecting search engine, and ZoomInfo is great for general CRM enrichment.

Given they miss 30-50% of job changes, don't automatically readfrom your product user data, require significant manual work, and don't automatically update Salesforce -they aren't best for this use case.

Champify is purpose built for leveraging your alumni customers - automated for this specific use case, superior data quality, and easy to operationalize.

Who should we track?

Only track the contacts that used your product or worked directly with your team- champions, power users, high NPS contacts, opportunity contacts.

We don't recommend tracking individuals who don't have direct experience with your business, because they are not significantly more likely to engage and can create noise.

Champify's team will provide guidance for setup and creating these audiences.

How many leads can we expect?

Due to historical buildup, 20-40% of your customer contacts have already changed jobs. And on an ongoing basis, around 2% of contacts change jobs each month.

For example: if you track 20,000 contacts, you can expect 5k warm leads off the bat, and 400 each subsequent month.

Champify qualifies new leads based on persona and account fit, to ensure all leads are relevant - because 10-30% of the time someone's new employment is outside of your ICP.

Can I sign up as a single sales rep?

Unfortunately, no.

In order for this channel to work, you need to (1) track every business contact and user (2) have this information distributed across the team.

Your customer advocates will change jobs to new company sizes, verticals, and geographies. We can't predict where your customers will move to - one team's departure is another team's arrival.

By centralizing in Salesforce, this can be set up once and benefit everyone.

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