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Part 4: Operations Support

Driving change starts with the sales leader, but pipgen is a team support. Operations place a critical role in not just creating the right metrics, but making sure systems flow smoothly.

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Justin Geller: VP ofSales at Gong

Remove roadblocks for reps

When it comes to enablement and expectation setting, it’s the job of sales leadership, operations, and/or enablement to ensure that any roadblocks are proactively removed so reps can focus on executing at a high level. Here's where operations provides outsized value.

The rules of engagement

The easiest way to help reps succeed is to take pressure off finding the right accounts to prospect into. This means ensuring you have a clean account ownership model – whether it’s with territories, named accounts, or an engagement model to ensure there is as little gray area for reps as possible.

The KPI dashboard

In order for reps to track their progress and managers to hold their team accountable, they need to have the visibility into the metrics that matter. Here are the metrics that matter:

  • Accounts worked (WoW, MoM)
  • Contacts touched (Wow, MoM)
  • Number of activities (ideally by medium and by contact)
  • How many meetings are sourced and held
  • How many ops are created from those meetings
  • Win Rate from outbound (longer termed once PG cadence is established)

Get a Walk Through of Navan's Dashboard

In addition to tracking success criteria, Navan's RevOps team takes it a step further and includes details on hot accounts and contacts.

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Tech (and training)

It’s important to then ensure the reps are trained on the right strategy and tooling – how should you engage an account, how do you use the tools to execute properly, where should you focus, how many accounts should you work in a week, what’s the expectation about how deep you should prospect into an account?

Tech can be a great way to show your reps you are committed to making them successful. Yes, investing in a new solution is not a silver bullet, but it shows that leadership is investing in the solutions to help make a key PG initiative a success.

AVoid A common Pitfall

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