Electrifying outbound with the perfect account blend - Advice from Navan's Brian Guimond

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February 14, 2024
Electrifying outbound with the perfect account blend - Advice from Navan's Brian Guimond

Delivering impact is all about enabling your SDR team to prioritize the right people at the right accounts. We caught up with Navan's Brian Guimond to learn how he, Madi Gibson, and Jared Smith have electrified their outbound strategy at Navan.

Looking for the perfect blend to hit your outbound targets?

The key according to Brian is mixing your account list. Building the right dasbhoard to accelerate your SDR team's outbound work is a cross-functional effort, partnership across SDR leadership and RevOps (or marketing ops).

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There's 4 main account buckets Navan team focuses on according to Brian

1. Champify - your hottest accounts because they know the value you deliver

I'll get 2 or 3 prospects weekly that have changed companies and have used us in the past that Champify surfaces. I'll not only go after those specific prospects, but I'll also reach out to the company at large so I can try to take a multi-threaded approach in booking a call with them.  I consider them to be the warmest possible leads because the prospect is familiar with us we've been able to drive value at a last company for them, ultimately making their life easier.

2. Intent Leads - partner with revops to find accounts showing intent

I'll pick up 5 piping hot intent leads, and that's from Salesforce reports that RevOps has put together as well.

3. AE - partner with your AE to break into key accounts

From my AE's accounts I'll select 8 accounts based on past pain points,, current buying cycle, the growth of the company, etc. We work closely together to be aligned on this.

4. Cold outbound

About 50 percent, or 15 of 30 of my accounts, are cold outreach accounts, picked using signals from RevOps.

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