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Part 3: The Operating Cadence

Consistency is everything. Operating cadences turn expectations into enforceable behaviors. They are critical in holding leaders, managers, and accountable for their actions.

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Ellen Rtaj: VP of Sales at Freewill, formerly Hubspot

Create accountability and enforce expectations

Teams that do this well integrate expectations into their operating cadences. This includes plans for:

  • How you hold reps accountable
  • How you share/celebrate wins
  • How you integrate enablement

Most teams insert outbound into an existing rhythm like 1:1s, forecasting calls, team all hands, performance cycles, etc.

In order to run a strong operating cadence, you need to provide managers with the right metrics and enablement. There needs to be consistency throughout all levels of management, regions, and segments. Operations and enablement support are critical in making this work.

Rather than tell you more about operating cadences, here are five examples of top performing teams and how they integrate pipegen into their operating cadences.

How top teams run outbound

Company Size: 1000-5000
Sales Headcount:
Software Development
Target Audience: 
Pipeline from OB: 40-50%

Words of Wisdom

"Look at a lot of the existing operating rhythms and systems for accountability that exist in the business today. Then ask how can I insert this hypercritical initiative into the existing motions that I already have in place today? That way I don't have to worry managing a new rhythm. "

- Justin Geller

Weekly 1:1

Each manager reviews the pipeline targets and the plan to hit the goal.

Weekly forecast call

Pipeline reporting on team achievement is part of the weekly forecast calls.

Performance review cycle

PG is required for promotion, so it is part of every single performance conversation

Ad-Hoc education & celebration

Slack alert any time someone creates an OB opportunity to spread knowledge and celebrate micro achievements.

Company Size: 500-1000
Sales Headcount:
Software Development
Target Audience: 
Mortgage Brokers

Words of Wisdom

"It's gotta be every week. You can't get away from it. And then at the macro level, build it into those big moments. If you can, bring up a win at a company all-hands...PG is a team sport"

- Brian Michael

Weekly 1:1

Each manager reviews the pipeline targets and the plan to hit the goal, and double clicks into the quality of outbound.

Bi-Weekly Enablement

Plays, learnings, tactics are shared

Bi-Weekly All Hands

Dedicated time to do in depth deal reviews including the outbound used and to celebrate wins

To be part of your culture, it has to be the heart beat of your company.

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