Build new pipeline with former buyers & post-sale sponsors

How to break into new accounts using a former buyer or post sale contact who just changed jobs. Includes configuration, ownership, cadences


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Entry Criteria

A former buyer or key post-sale contact starts an ICP role at an ICP prospect account with zero open opportunities.

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Route to & alert the relevant SDR, and auto-queue into a manual step-1 of the the Champify New Pipeline Tier-1 sales sequence.

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Why it works

Former business contacts already know and trust your team, and understand the business impact of your solution.. Data shows these contacts are 5x more likely respond and can help 3.5x opportunity win rate.


Configure your play

Routing & Alerting: assign to and alert the AE, SDR or team responsible for the contact's new prospect account.

Sales Engagement: map the Champify relationship fields (such as "past account name" and "name drop") to automatically generate high-quality messaging. Set up triggers to automatically queue these contacts in the appropriate outreach sequence.

Reporting: ensure Champify's out of the box reports (lead volume, adoption by rep, new pipeline attribution) are added to existing management dashboards.

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