How Heap generated 24% of all new revenue with Champify

Heap is a digital insights platform that enables fast-moving digital teams to understand and improve digital experiences.


of all new logo revenue sourced or heavily influenced by Champify


of all Champify-sourced meetings convert to pipeline (2x baseline)
Company Size
Use Cases
Pipeline generation, opportunity acceleration, churn prevention
Salesforce, Outreach, Catalyst

Tapping into previous users to unlock new revenue

Founded in 2013, Heap is a digital insights platform that enables its customers to deeply and easily understand all user behavior to build better products, increase conversion, and reduce churn. Since inception, Heap has raised over $200 Million  in funding and is valued at just shy of $1 Billion.

With the sales team feeling the economic slowdown, Heap needed to get more creative with their outbound strategy. By utilizing Champify’s Track product, Heap was able to identify the top power users for their enterprise and SMB offerings, and keep tabs on these advocates as they moved to new roles at prospect accounts, surfacing thousands of high-converting opportunities directly into their existing tooling :  Salesforce, Slack and Outreach. 

AEs receive email & slack alerts when a former customer contact joins one of their prospect accounts and engages them with the same workflow as an inbound lead. These relationships were either involved in a buying decision, worked with the Heap customer success team, or were a power user of the Heap platform at a past job. Not only has every contact directly interfaced with Heap and the Heap team, they are pre-qualified to ensure their new role and company fits squarely in Heap’s Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).  This reduces any manual work to sift through lower quality contacts - achieving the goal of increased productivity, lower CAC, and operationalizing quality outreach > quantity outreach.

“Champify has been a great resource for our team, it gives reps direction on where to spend their time and what high-value targets to prioritize. We have also seen a direct correlation between reps that prioritize their Champify accounts list having success in scheduling more meetings”

Meaningful revenue impact

Within 6 months of installation, 10% of all revenue was directly sourced via Champify contacts.

With new leads flowing into Salesforce and routed to the respective salesperson, Heap’s team could focus on high quality outreach within their existing workflows. Within 1 month of launch, one rep received a notification that a former buyer had joined a prospect account. After a personalized outreach mentioning the new job and referencing the past relationship with Heap, they were able to close a 6-figure TCV deal in 3 weeks. The former buyer was looped into the ongoing deal and was able to share the insight the current buyer needed to finalize their decision. All said and done, Heap also ripped out a competitor with this win.

Within 6 months of launch, Champify sourced or influenced 24% of closed revenue. Overall, Heap has seen over 22x ROI with the solution.

“We had a very strong, expedited deal cycle with our, now, customer and are actively working on an expansion deal right now. Our Champify contact has looped in 10+ other stakeholders who are key to the expansion opportunities and potential champions. Champify has made up 23% of my overall pipeline!”

2x higher opportunity conversion

73% of Champify-sourced meetings are converting into opportunities which is 2x higher than Heap’s standard outbound conversion goal.

Heap’s top-notch product has created a trove of fans that enabled Champify’s Track product to have an outsized impact. Users have a fantastic experience with the interface, and further, buyers and users have an excellent experience with the Heap sales and customer success teams too. Sum up all these positive experiences, and you have folks eager to use and buy Heap again.

These fans are higher converting contacts and drive opportunities through the funnel more frequently and more quickly. 73% of Champify-sourced meetings are converting into opportunities which is 2x higher than Heap’s standard outbound conversion goal. Education is a huge part of software sales and Heap AEs are leveraging the work of prior AEs, CSM, and the product team to drive success through these contacts that have previously interfaced with the company.

In addition to decreasing the time to revenue, Heap achieved a quick time to value with Champify. The Salesforce application integrates neatly into Heap’s existing tooling and sales stack - requiring a low lift from the ops team.

A perfect match with data security and privacy

Heap, with hundreds of enterprise customers across a variety of highly regulated industries, needed a powerful solution that didn't compromise on security or data privacy. With an entire Heap team dedicated to their own platform security, Heap was excited to find out that Champify was fully SOC2 Type II compliant, has completed regular penetration testing, and has a very mature security and privacy standard in place.