How Force Management generated $1M in new revenue and increased visibility by automating their alumni tracking process

Force Management develops elite revenue teams and tomorrow’s sales leaders.


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Force Management and Their Customers

Force Management develops elite revenue teams and tomorrow’s sales leaders. For 20 years, their team of veteran sales leaders has delivered cross-functional alignment and customized programs that enable companies to increase deal sizes, drive market recapitalizations, cut time-to-productivity in half, navigate challenging markets, and achieve higher valuations.

Their programs have delivered measurable results for companies like Intercom, who recognized a 4x increase in deal size after their engagement with Force Management, and DFIN, who saw double digit increases in quarterly sales metrics.

The Importance of Force Management Alumni

“We’re fortunate to have champions who successfully partner with us at one company, and then re-engage with us when they take on a new leadership role at a different company,” says Phillip Armstrong, Director of Marketing Operations. “Our alumni customers are important to us, so we work hard to stay engaged with them as they move and grow in their careers.”

The Challenge: Scale and Automate Alumni Tracking

Originally, the Marketing Operations team tracked alumni data through a manual process. As Force Management’s alumni database continued to grow, it became more challenging to maintain current information. Before the team could fully scale the process, they identified key challenges that needed to be addressed:

  • Manual tracking limited the team to a smaller subset of their champions 
  • Each update required a significant lift from the marketing ops team, taking several weeks to process 
  • Limited visibility within the system made it difficult to measure the impact of the channel 
  • Lack of automation created an inconsistent cadence for updating and keeping alumni data current

Hitting the bounds of a manual process, Phillip decided to evaluate platforms to help automate this high impact channel; “automation is increasingly a mission critical aspect of any coordinated campaign.”

 The Results

 Improved Reach

The end result was a much more sustainable FM Alumni process with better visibility to the Sellers, mitigated risk, and the ability to scale up beyond the original 10,000 person limit which Force Management anticipates crossing sometime in the first half of 2024.

“Previously, we focused our efforts on a more-narrow view of the highest value titles from past engagements because the resources and hours needed to track wider groupings were not available,” recalls Armstrong. “However, with Champify’s automation and reporting, our team has been able to expand the reach of the program into a broader alumni base.” 

Champify helped Force Management identify buying teams and influencers at companies that represented $1 million in closed won bookings in 2023.

Impact to Marketing Operations

Visibility: Champify's reporting has improved Force Management’s visibility into alumni activity and ongoing engagement, helping to better quantify the impact of FM Alumni on Force Management’s business. 

Team Efficiency:The DemandGen team was able to save 1-2 hours a week by not having to manually process leads, and the overall efficiency of adding new names improved substantially. The Marketing Operations team has been able to fully automate the distribution of FM Alumni Leads to the BDR Team for immediate follow up. 

Data Integrity: Through Champify’s platform, Force Management has captured more comprehensive information about a larger and ever growing pool of alumni. Accurate and reliable data flows into SalesForce where the Marketing and Sales teams can take immediate action.