How Sendoso personalizes champion outreach at scale with Clay

Guest Contributor
February 23, 2024
How Sendoso personalizes champion outreach at scale with Clay

Sendoso has an army of advocates, but ensuring every single one was engaged was a challenge. 

Austin Sandmeyer, Head of Growth at Sendoso, partnered with Jacob Tuwiner from Sculpted to personalize their outreach to former product champions at scale while showing off the value of Sendoso. 

Here’s how:

1. Determine who will receive automated touches

Depending on your team structure, lead assignment rules, and above the line/below the line logic, determine who to put in an automated campaign.  For Sendoso, we decided to engage all of our Champify contacts. 

2. Import to Clay and enrich with key attributes

We import all of the contacts and the relevant fields to Clay with a CSV upload (Stay Tuned for part 2 - automating the sync).

Then we use Clay’s AI to normalize the data to provide personalized variables for example, changing ACME CO, Inc. to ACME and making the milestone a natural number (i.e. saying 1 year instead of 14 months).

There’s lots of ways you can personalize using things like location, former relationship (Closed-won opp contact vs. a Product User), time in seat, former account….

The list goes on.

3. Write your cadence

Keep it short and sweet. We love keeping our customers part of the community when they change jobs by sending them over a congratulatory gift using Sendoso!

4. Hit Send

We use a platform called to send and measure our automated outreach. 

The Results

  • 13% response rate
  • 42% positive reply rate
  • 52 responses in just one day