Summer 2023 product updates

Taylor Udell
July 12, 2023
Summer 2023 product updates

Sweating through summer to deliver some 🔥features. Our goal with this release - let’s make RevOps teams’ lives easier. Data quality, building the right workflows, making sure to measure GTM strategies is a lot to put on one teams’ plate.

Focus your team's time with prioritization

Want to make sure your best leads are worked first? We've launched Prioritization to help score your warmest leads. Prioritization allows you to tier Champifys into three buckets to better focus your teams time and create bespoke workflows and engagement strategies for each tier of leads. It's a great opportunity to introduce gifting through a platform like Sendoso for your top-tier Champifys.

Email Enhancements

We've heard your feedback on our emails - so they've gotten a facelift. It's easier to explore contacts in LinkedIn or Salesforce, and get context on the status of each account directly in your inbox.

Before and After Images

Operations & Data Enhancements

Attribution: We added a custom opportunity-level attribution field called “Champify Opportunity.” This was developed in partnership with our customers to provide a more accurate depiction of which opportunities Champify played a major role in opening and/or closing.

Contact information coverage & accuracy: In addition to the improvements released last winter, we have introduced additional email algorithms for better deliverability and lower bounce rates, specifically for catch-all domains. 

Alerting customization: in addition to sending alerts to lead, contact, and/or account owners, customers can now alert adjacent users such as “Aligned SDR” that want to receive certain Champify signals despite not being the direct owner of the account or contact records.

Additional record creation option: In addition to creating “contacts only”, “leads only”, and “hybrid” options, we added a new option for “update existing contacts, otherwise create leads.” This option is best for companies leveraging 3rd party tools or custom automation for lead to account matching.It has the added benefit of deduping — not creating a net new lead if the contact for the new job already exists.