The Secret to Sales Success: Introducing Prioritization

Jack Schneider
June 22, 2023
The Secret to Sales Success: Introducing Prioritization

The single biggest constraint for a sales professional is time. 

All day, every day, SDRs and AEs are making decisions on how to best spend their time. SDRs have to determine which contacts to prospect, what channels to use, and how to balance volume and personalization. AEs must decide whether to spend their time advancing active deals, finding creative ways into target accounts, or honing their craft through education.

Our customers (Clari, ContentSquare, Thoughtspot, and more) tell us Champify leads are their best leads, but we're also aware there are dozens of other important signals hitting their sales teams on a daily basis: 6sense alerts, LinkedIn updates, MQLs, notifications, event signups, website visit reports, and more. Ultimately, we want sales teams to be successful. To be successful, they need to be able to take all the signals from Champify & other sources and focus their time to drive pipeline and revenue.

Imagine if AEs and SDRs could 1.5-2x their output by simply prioritizing their time differently. We’ll walk through the math at the end of this post.

Quality over Quantity

"We've tried other companies in the space that track everybody from every account, and it's a lot of noise, and it doesn't feel like it should, where it's really spear fishing for the perfect user of your actual tool - your actual champions. And Champify filled that gap for us" - Steve Travaglini, CRO, LinkSquares

From day 1 at Champify, we knew that driving up the number of Champifys did not correlate to more pipeline, because there are diminishing returns. In the sales technology space, vendors harp on big databases, advertise their numbers of contacts, or promote “thousands of job changes”. We've found that overwhelming reps with Champifys results in poor adoption and distrust of the channel altogether, because inevitably some of them will be lower quality than others.

All our customers benefit from the “no brainer” qualification that we built into our product. Let’s say a previous buyer left Customer A to go start a restaurant or moved into an industry or company size that's outside of the ICP. We made it easy within the product to qualify these people out automatically, so that reps are only seeing relevant job changes.

Introducing Prioritization

We spent hundreds of hours with Champify users and saw how they prioritized Champifys based on their title, previous experience with the product, and account-level details such as employee account, industry, headcount growth, previous relationship.

Sometimes a Champify alone is the highest quality signal a rep can receive. Other times, it’s a signal, but requires more context for the rep to determine how to prioritize it.

Now, Champify customers can assign prioritization scores to Champifys based on custom criteria. Our customers can assign a score of 1, 2, and 3 to rank the priority of the Champifys, then build those into reps workflows. Rather than working all Champifys immediately, 1s may need to be worked immediately, whereas 2s and 3s are part of a weekly account research session.

Prioritization Plays

Our customers’ GTM strategies vary widely. Some run bottoms-up PLG motions and others have a large enterprise focus. As a result, criteria used to define a Tier 1 will naturally differ from company to company. 

With Champify Prioritization, each customer can leverage their own logic to drive their prioritization.

For example, Customer A is running a PLG motion, so in order for them to designate a Champify as a top priority, it should have a Champify that’s Director+, more than 3 total Champifys in that account, and >15 PLG users (regardless of whether they’re former advocates).

Customer B is running a traditional enterprise SaaS motion, so they’re looking for their Champify to have had a personal relationship with their company (tied to a Closed-Won Opportunity or a CSM Primary Stakeholder), be Director+, and see a 6sense intent score >50.

These are just two examples. Our customers can use any field in Salesforce to set up prioritization that makes sense for them.

Tighter Focus = Better Outcomes

If reps work the exact same number of total Champifys, but focus on the ones most likely to convert into opportunities, they can drive 57% more pipeline. In the example below, we’re assuming that reps work 42% of Champifys, which, averaged across all Champifys, have a 37% chance of converting into pipeline.

If reps focused their time on Tier 1s, they could generate 57% more pipeline. In this example, that means creating over $2,000,000 of pipeline.

Sales managers, enablement, and revenue operations teams can track adoption of leads by tier, giving immediate visibility into if a rep is using their precious hours efficiently. working the highest impact leads to drive outcomes. ensure they’re spending their time efficiently. Rather than constant reminders for reps to work their Champifys, leaders can remind reps to work their smaller list of Tier 1s and show them the evidence that these are a top priority for good reason.

We all know that prioritizing time on the highest leverage activities can multiply impact, but for GTM teams, that’s truer than ever, and we’re excited for our customers to be able to make lives easier for their reps, and drastically increase their ability to hit quota.