Customer relationships drive outcomes: How to build pipeline with Champify and Sendoso

Todd Busler
March 9, 2023
Customer relationships drive outcomes: How to build pipeline with Champify and Sendoso

With outbound email/call volume up 50% just in the last two years, it is harder than ever to break through the noise. Building and strengthening relationships is critical to building qualified pipeline, executing faster sales cycles, and guaranteeing renewals. Sales and account teams need creative and strategic plays to reach your customers. 

That’s where tools like Champify and Sendoso can help. Sendoso is the corporate gifting platform leader who helps companies realize the benefits, business value, and results of maintaining and strengthening relationships. They've helped customers like Blend, Tealium, and hundreds of others boost new meetings by 33%, drive onboarding completion and retention, and save hours of hours in manual effort.

Champify and Sendoso customers like Clari, Modern Health, and Thoughtspot: 

  • Identify the contacts most likely to respond and start a new conversation
  • Identify and build new champions when multi-threading in an active new or expansion opportunity
  • Get in front of churn due to key contact departures, by addressing personnel changes in a timely manner

How to get started with Champify and Sendoso

  1. Define & rank the customer relationships that matter to your business: typically buyers, post-sale stakeholders, and product power users.
  2. Map out your orchestration: each job-change scenario, the owner, and the action (example below)
  3. Incorporate this "relationship orchestration" into your routing logic using a tool like Leandata, which can automatically trigger actions in tools like Outreach, Gainsight, and Sendoso.
  4. In Sendoso, configure your account to provide guidelines for gift giving. We recommend configuring spending thresholds based on seniority, account tier, and relationship tier.
  5. Enable your Account Management and CSM team. How you action the data is just as important as if you action it.

The top 3 outbound plays for driving efficient pipeline

The first three plays we recommend setting up include identifying hot accounts, expanding existing opportunities, and breaking into new accounts. A key element of enablement is using a tool like LeanData to ensure each trigger gets routed to the right owner. Our recommended configuration can be seen below. Sendoso and their gifting capabilities should be leveraged to target contacts above the line (meaning above a certain threshold of seniority), but that doesn't mean the messaging doesn't work for below the line employees!

Play 1: 🔥Hot Accounts: Add focus your ABM Campaigns

This play is all about capturing the momentum at a target account. Since the average deal has 6-10 decisions makers, prospect accounts with a large number of former customers are ideal accounts to target, and even show some extra love to.

Routing Trigger

Account has a critical mass of former buyers/users uncovered by Champify


Account Development Rep/Business Development Rep

Key Metrics

  • Leading indicators: Response Rate, Meetings
  • Success Metrics: Pipeline, Revenue, Deal Velocity 


Identify the key stakeholders on the account to target with a Sendoso gift. If the stakeholders are not former customers, the focus of your message should be about recreating the wins the other members of this team have seen at previous companies. Use Champify data to help identify the previous companies and wins so you can pull in relevant case studies. If the stakeholders are former customers, you can use Champify data to pull in the former company and the former CSM to help personalize the message.

Play 2: Target Contact joins Company with Existing Opportunity

This play is all about expanding and accelerating your exisiting opportunities.

Routing Trigger

Former customer moves to an account with an active opportunity


AE who owns the Account where customer lands

Key Metrics

  • Leading indicators: Response Rate
  • Success Metrics: Contract Size, Deal Velocity 


Your message should do three things. First, focus on congratulating your former customer on their new role. Second, catch them up on the opportunity process and explain who you are working with today. Last, extend the opportunity to involve them whether that is joining the next sync you have or offer to catch them up 1:1.

Play 3: Target Contact joins Company with No Open Opportunities

Routing Trigger

Former customer moves to an account with an no opportunities



Key Metrics

  • Leading indicators: Response Rate, Meetings
  • Success Metrics: Pipeline, Revenue


Similar to the previous play, your messaging should congratulate the contact on their new role. You can use Champify's to pull in a previous CSM name drop and to tailor the gift based on the job shift, function change, or promotion. The second part of the message should focus on recreating the outcomes in their new role. You should include customers studies from companies that match their new industry or job function and work on determining the right time to explore opportunities at their new company.

Why use Champify to power your Sendoso Campaigns?

Champify has increased overall positive response rate 3.8X across its customer base, increased the number of meetings per SDR by 12%, and has even influenced more than 60% of all the pipeline for a 500-person B2B SaaS customer.