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Unlock your highest converting contacts

Champify finds your next champions by tracking your customers as they change jobs. Activate the right people to help you create and close new revenue.

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The B2B Playbook has been what?

Your best leads already know you.


of customer champions move companies every year

6x wins

Former customers are 6x more likely to convert to revenue than cold outbound

89% miss

Only 11% of former customers are engaged relying on tools like SalesNav

opportunities in the first 90 days

Immediate impact on pipeline

"This was the easiest implementation ever"
Max Suderow
Max Suderow
Head of RevOps
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Low lift - integrates into existing tools/workflows
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Instant results - Reachdesk booked a meeting 30 min after launch
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Efficient pipeline - results less than 30 days from launch
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A strategy the whole GTM team can get behind

Quantum Metric

Alexi Hatch

VP Global Growth Marketing

Alexi hatch

"In a landscape where getting demand is trickier and pricier, turning to our past champions just makes sense. Those nuggets of insight used to live only in our sales team’s minds... Champify enabled us to unlock and act upon these insights, significantly enhancing our approach to relationship management and revenue generation.”

Adam Louie

RevOps Manager  

Adam Louie

"Outbound has changed. It's more important to be targeted in who you reach out to. Champify is a great tool for this, because it actually targets people that we've had a relationship with. You might think your reps are doing this using Sales Navigator, but there's no real way to guarantee that. Before Champify we were capturing ~10% of relevant customer job changes."

Lane Cox

Director of Sales

Lane Cox

"Champify allows our sales team to efficiently prospect into accounts that already have prior knowledge of our brand - meaning quicker sales cycles. My team is excited for new Champifys because they know they convert at a higher rate.

The Champify team got us up an running in a in just a couple of weeks."

target high intent accounts

Prioritize high-intent accounts

10.5% of accounts have more than 3 former customers. Identify and prioritize accounts with multiple internal advocates for high converting campaigns.

"Moving into this new fiscal year, the volume of Champify contacts within our industry accounts will be our main data point for prioritizing accounts."
Tyler Pleiss
Head of Vertical Marketing
Champify for Marketing

Lift your outbound conversions

Outbound to former customers is 3x more likely to turn into an opportunity than cold outbound. Use first-party data like past relationship and the best introduction path to personalize your outreach and land the meeting.

"In the first 6 months of using Champify, I have generated almost $1,000,000 in new sourced pipeline from their weekly reports."
Andrew Dudley
East Lead, Sales Development
Champify for SDRs
Engage former customers
thread out to previous customers

Boost your win rates

When a former customer is in the buying committee the deal is 2.5x more likely to close and will close faster. Champify highlights all the former customers at an account each time you open an opp.

"It’s easily our top lead source that’s producing quicker deals and more value!"
Brandon Gill
Senior Director, Sales
Champify for Sales

Capture every key contact

Flag departed contacts, complete your buying committee data, use AI to uncover missing buyer personas, and import contacts from your product analytics tools.

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calendar sync to capture meetings from google calendar

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