Product Overview

Turn customer job changes into revenue

Generate more pipeline and close more revenue by connecting with existing fans at new accounts.

Champify Data Flows
Salesforce Native Application

Easy to install

Capture every contact
Calendar sync and opportunity matching ensure your entire buying committee is logged in your CRM and has the right opportunity contact role.

Built to work with your existing workflows
Easy to configure. Built on standard salesforce objects. Automatic qualification. Integrates with your existing tech stack.

Fresh data on cruise control
Champify’s algorithmic approach ensures contact information is up to date at scale. Contact and account data is reviewed and refreshed on average every 14 days.

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find and target your hottest accounts
run strategic plays to drive revenue
AI-Powered Data Enrichment

Your data is your advantage

Power outreach with first party data
Personalize your outreach with context pulled from your CRM including: custom relationships, the best introduction path, and AI powered qualification using previous closed-won titles.

Fusion AI data enrichment
Champify compares 15+ sources simultaneously to select and score the best account, firmographic, and email data using inputs like frequency of occurrence, reputability of source, real world bounce data, and deliverability data.

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ALERTS AND NOTifications

Recommendations across the deal cycle

Focus in on high-intent accounts with swarms of former customers
Act instantly - new Champify alerts are surfaced the moment a job change is detected. No batched jobs.
Find all the advocates hidden in an account every time you open a new opportunity with Multi-thread alerts
Save churn by monitoring key departures with departure notifications
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run strategic plays to drive revenue
run strategic plays to drive revenue

Deliver results in days

Drive adoption and measure the impact of former customers on your revenue and pipeline. Prebuilt dashboards for:

--> BDR adoption
--> Lead volume
--> Pipeline creation
--> Closed won revenue

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Integrate with any tool that connects to Salesforce

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Why Champify?

"Fantastic team with quick response times and a great partnership alongside my sales leadership to implement successfully. Quick to offer solutions and iterate on product feedback to ship improvements. Highly recommend working with them."

Adara Parker
Adara Parker
Account Executive

"We don't have a CS person anywhere that provides close to the level of engagement that Champify does. You can't underscore the personal element... I don't see any other vendor do anything close to this."

Michael Solomon
Michael Solomon
Sales Manager

"Champify will be the difference-maker to your pipeline this year, allowing your entire company to capitalize on the data and brand familiarity your former clients already have with you."

Sam McKenna #samsales
Sam Mckenna
Founder & CEO

"My favorite part is the segmentation of previous users of our solution. Helps us stay on top of where our champions/ ambassadors are moving to... and have better decision-making on which accounts/prospects to focus on."

Ebrahim J
Ebrahim J.
Account Executive

"Not tracking your former clients costs you a ton of revenue if you aren't paying attention. Outbound doesn't always have to mean It's cold... it's about getting net new business through any channel possible. Champify solves this by organizing your former clients in a simple format so your reps can be thoughtful and insightful on how they reach out."

morgan ingram
Morgan Ingram
5x LinkedIn Top Sales Voice

"Before Champify, I wasn’t leveraging all the relationships that I built while being on the sales floor for over 4 years. I’d be checking LinkedIn, but Champify allows me to do this at a scale that was previously impossible"

Massimo Severino
Massimo Severino
Senior AE