Turn customer job changes into warm leads,
all within Salesforce

Champify's Salesforce app surfaces alumni qualified leads to the right reps, directly in their existing tools and workflows.

Customize audiences to track

Leverage product engagement, opportunity and customer data in your CRM to set criteria for who to track. Champify continuously monitors these audiences as they grow.

Set qualification criteria

Your former customers' new jobs aren't always in relevant roles or accounts. By selecting target job titles and minimum account size, you can ensure all leads are worth engaging.

Champify surfaces warm leads to the right reps, every month

Flags outdated records
Surfaces lead or contact for new job
Includes new email & context from past relationship
Alerts for Sales & CSM
Monthly refresh

Engage & Measure

Engage with sales and marketing tools with one click in Salesforce. See the pre-built Champify Salesforce dashboard for lead volume, adoption by rep, and impact on pipeline.

Best in class employment data

Champify leverages publically available employment data, primarily from LinkedIn, to ensure you have complete visibility into customer job movement. Refreshed over 3x more often than similar data solutions.

SOC2 Type I Certified

Appexchange Partner

GDPR & CCPA Compliant

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