Action customer job changes
with your existing GTM workflows

Track every customer relationship

Customer advocates include anyone that's worked directly with your team or product. Champify makes it easy to separate, rank, and label these audiences.

Every day, Champify will automatically start monitoring any new contacts that meet the criteria - there's no need to send lists back and forth.

Ensure leads are relevant & actionable

On average, 40% of new jobs are outside your ICP. Champify will pre-qualify based on your title matrix and account size to ensure all new leads are relevant, without being overly constrictive.

Additionally, Champify will pass through detailed "relationship context" to ensure end-users can prioritize the best leads and personalize outreach.

Best in class contact data

Champify leverages public employment data, primarily from LinkedIn, and refreshes this data every two weeks.

Proprietary algorithms for matching your contact data with public profiles, finding new email addresses, and verifying account firmographics ensure that you have the highest match rates and most complete data for your key relationships - a level of quality that's not currently possible with alternative data providers.

Seamlessly integrated into your GTM stack

Champify's managed Salesforce package works directly with standard objects, and includes plug & play Salesforce automation such as field mapping, de-duping, and account matching. This enables customers to spend more time on integrating end-user tools such as Outreach and Gainsight.

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