October 2023 Product Updates

Taylor Udell
October 12, 2023
October 2023 Product Updates

Getting haunted by sky high pipeline targets? We have some new features for you! And in case you missed it, here’s everything that happened in Summer 2023

Set more meetings with warm intros

The only thing warmer than a former champion? A former buyer who you are introduced to by the teammate who worked with them. We’re excited to bring you a new data point to help personalize your outreach - Get Intro From.
Get Intro From uses Salesforce data to determine the teammate your prospect has worked most closely with. 

Check out this advice from Tom Alaimo, early rep at tech target and Gong and host of 7 Figure Prospecting on using introductions to get meetings. 

Here’s how you can make sure Get Intro From is in your lead view, and mapped to your Sales Engagement Platform. 

Craft your outreach with our Playbooks

We're excited to deliver our new playbooks. We’ve pulled together best practices from customer interviews and pipegen experts like #SamSales to provide email templates and marketing plays to maximize the former customer channel. The top plays are:

For Sales:

  • Build new pipeline with a former buyer
  • Build new pipeline with a former product User
  • Multi-thread out to a former customer

For Marketing:

  • Target warm accounts with multiple former users on LinkedIn
  • Target your growing audience of former customers on LinkedIn

For Customer Success

  • Build new connections when a key contact departs

Looking to run a play we don’t have a template for? Let us know marketing@champify.io.  

And, yes we graded all of our outreach with Lavender - 90 and above. 

Improve your Opportunity Data 

Are all key contacts added to opportunities in Salesforce? In our experience, probably not. And that’s after reps spend ~10% of their time doing data entry. Today’s buying committee is on average 14-22 people, but we generally see 1-2 contacts attached to opportunities.

Champify’s Opportunity Matching helps RevOps team automatically associate contacts with opportunities to get a clearer picture of WHO is involved in a buying committee and how many people need to be involved for a deal to close. For more details on how it works check out our documentation.

Not only does this improve your visibility on key titles to improve ABM, targeted multi-threading, and understand where potential gaps in your buying committee may be based during deal reviews, but collecting this data provides an even larger opportunity to tap into your former customers as they change jobs. (PS Interested in enriching this data with google calendar meeting attendees? Let us know!) 

You can find setup instructions to enable it in your account here.

Get notified when new Champify leads are discovered- Introducing our Slack Beta!

Our Slack alerting is now available in Beta! Slack alerts include: Name, Account, Previous Relationship and links to LinkedIn and Salesforce. Want access to the beta? Reach out to Mary, and she’ll get you started.