January 2024 Product Updates

Taylor Udell
January 29, 2024
January 2024 Product Updates

Happy new year! Excited to bring you two big updates:

Spotlight Alerts 

We know, the work doesn’t end at your first conversation.That’s why we’re building tools and alerts to help you connect with your Champifys across the sales cycle. 


Keep building the momentum in your active opportunities. Each time you create a new opportunity, get a list of all your hidden champions delivered directly to your inbox. Multi-thread and gather intel to prep for big meetings, plan a business case, and build your buying committee.

“This was the first time that I ever saw all of [my former champions] aggregated,  so that's what got me excited! I have an open opportunity with [xxx] right now. I can take a look across all of these different people, and connect. It’s super helpful if I want to get a little bit deeper on maybe some insights before I meet with directors & VPs”
-  Casey Martin, Sales Director, Clari

Account Planner

With Spotlight, we already track the number of Champifys at an account to help you prioritize the accounts you should spend your time with, a great input in account scoring models.

Now, when you are assigned an account, get an alert with all the former champions on your account. Start breaking in with your warmest contacts.

Introducing Fusion - Our New AI Powered Data Enrichment Engine

We’ve been iterating on our approach to finding the best emails (and account information). Today, most RevOps teams and products rely on a waterfall approach. While a waterfall approach increases coverage, we’ve found that the information selected is often the first data point that doesn’t throw errors. 

This month, we’re introducing a novel approach - Fusion. Rather than validate an email one source at a time, Fusion uses AI to compare 15+ sources simultaneously to select and score the best email structure using inputs like frequency of occurrence, reputability of source, real world bounce data, and deliverability data.

Fusion has led to a 35% increase in email coverage, and decreased low quality emails by ~9%.