2023 Champify Winter Release

Jack Schneider
April 11, 2023
2023 Champify Winter Release

Revenue teams undoubtedly have too many products they log into to do their job. They have to use most of these, and rarely do they love these products. At Champify, we’re committed to building products that revenue teams love. Don’t take our word for it, here’s what Danny Conley, Director of Sales said about Champify:

“Champify is built into our PG process at Heap, and something our reps look forward to on Monday morning is getting Champify reports and seeing what leads have come through.”

Why do sales leaders like Danny love using Champify? We deliver better data (not noise) in the tools that they are already using. No new workflows, no unnecessary complexity.

We’ve spent the last quarter improving Champify Track, our customer job change tracking product, to serve up even better data, enhance the experience for RevOps and Sales users, and unlock new use cases.

With our best-in-class, action-ready data, our customers now get more relevant job change alerts + comprehensive contact info.

We’ve enhanced the experience for all users, including flexible automation for RevOps, which saves time and increases adoption of Champify, leading again to more revenue from Champify.

Lastly, we’ve heard many customers doubling down on an account based strategy or implementing rigorous account prioritization frameworks, so we’ve unlocked new use cases in Champify to allow customers to apply Champify’s familiarity data to those strategies.

Check out more details below to learn exactly what we’re releasing and how it’s already helping our customers today.

Best-in-class, action-ready data

In B2B data, there is an inverse relationship between data volume and data quality. Whereas most B2B data providers focus on having the largest databases (such as ZoomInfo), Champify’s philosophy is to prioritize quality over quantity — and provide the highest quality data for our customers’ most important contacts and accounts. Increasing the quality of our data is proportionally related to an increase in results for customers (pipeline creation, pipeline acceleration, and churn prevention).

The following improvements have been made to the Champify Data Platform in the past quarter. These result in a higher volume of qualified leads that can be properly routed to the right rep.

  • Match Rates: In order for a contact to be monitored and a job change lead to be delivered, it must first be matched. Recent improvements lifted average match rate from 80% to 86%. This means more qualified leads for our customers, and further widens the gaps from direct competitors (average 75% or less) and LinkedIn’s Salesforce integration (which averages 55%).
  • Job Change Detection: Improved accuracy of job change detection to account for rebrands, acquisitions, and differentiating between full time vs part time jobs.
  • Email coverage: this is how often we can identify a valid or high-confidence catch all email for a contact’s new job. Recent improvements lifted average email coverage to 85% (previously 75%).
  • Account firmographics: improved coverage for new account firmographics, such as employee counts, industries, headquarter locations, and secondary domains. Having this data helps more leads get matched to named accounts & properly routed, and also helps identify ICP greenfield accounts.
“Before Champify, I’d only be able to catch job changes if I was lucky and on LinkedIn and saw the job update. Champify is allowing me to do it at scale in a way that was previously impossible. Now, I don’t need to log into Linkedin to look for job changes at all because I get notified via email and Outreach.” - Massimo Severino, Account Executive at Goldcast

Enhanced experience for RevOps and Sales

Data without action is just noise. Rather than making reps perform repetitive tasks in an external UI, Champify delivers data directly to the existing tools and workflows our customers already use. Champify data is delivered to the right person, in the right tool, and with all of the context needed to take the right action. Champify recently made the following improvements to make lives easier for RevOps and Sales users:

  • RevOps - Advanced Salesforce automation: this includes codeless field mapping for every Champify value and every standard object, a configurable apex governor (prevents Champify from pushing customers over any Salesforce limit), along with improved deduping, account matching, and edge case coverage.
  • End Users - Improved alerting: In addition to notifying users of new Champify leads in their name every week, the alerts also remind users of any older changes that have not yet been actioned or dispositioned. The new alerts have an updated design, and also link to a pre-built view in Salesforce where users can view a consolidated list of all Champify records in their name.
  • Management - Advanced reporting: new out-of-the box dashboards for admins, sales, and customer success. Sales dashboards make it easy to track progress, see gaps, and take action while admin and manager dashboards provide detailed visibility into the success and strategy of Champify overall.

New use cases - ABM & account prioritization

Similar to how 6sense scores accounts based on intent, Champify now scores accounts based on their pre-existing familiarity with your business. This new feature is called “Surge”, which populates an account field that shows the number of former customer relationships that currently work at each account in your CRM.

Here are the ways our customers have started to use Surge:

  • ABM: baking “Surge” into account scoring for ABM. For example: if an ICP account has >X former power users & business stakeholders, the account is more likely to evaluate your technology/service.
  • Account Prioritization and Assignment: identify new, high-familiarity accounts to assign to new and existing sales reps. Combine “Surge” intel with signals from 6Sense or Demandbase to influence routing and assignment logic.
  • Targeting competitive rip-outs: knowing where there’s a surge in former customers that can help generate the intel and momentum needed to rip-out a competitive technology or service.
  • Breaking into new segments & verticals: if some of your top users and Champions are moving from SMB to enterprise, or into adjacent verticals, these can be easy ins to new patches of your TAM.

Start with a data test

Interested in seeing these updates in action? Run a complimentary data test with us and see how much pipeline you could generate from former champions. Worst case, we'll give you 100 leads that you can pursue today. Sign up here!