April Product Releases

Taylor Udell
April 24, 2024
April Product Releases

This spring we’re introducing two new features: AI-Powered Qualification and Account Team Alerts. 

Persona AI: Auto Qualification

We’ve been comparing random samples of title data for the past quarter: in one sample of 2,507 closed won contacts, we found 1,588 unique titles, and in another sample of 1,001 contacts, we found 833 unique titles.

Using a title matrix to capture the variety and nuance in titles leaves a huge potential gap in your qualification process. Not only are you left trying to include every permutation of a title, but you also miss out on new titles as buying committees grow. 

We’re excited to launch Persona AI: Auto Qualification - our approach to ensuring every relevant title is qualified.  We analyze your first-party data to make sure all relevant personas (and all the variations of a title) are included.

Then we surface up all relevant personas we've identified so you can have full visibility into titles involved in your buying decisions. You also can download the entire list to see variations in title and the frequency of their appearances in opportunities.

Account Team Alerts: Notify the entire account team

Trigger email and slack alerts to the entire account team to align BDRs, AEs, and Account Managers as you focus on your account strategy. Simply select the other “owner” fields to ensure all relevant team members are alerted.