Target relationships at high-intent ICP accounts on LinkedIn

The easiest way to align sales and marketing. How to build an audience of accounts with more than 3 former customers and target them on LinkedIn.


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Entry Criteria

Accounts within your ICP criteria that also have 3 or more former customers (via the "Number of Champify" account field). You can also combine these filters with intent & fit scores from tools like 6sense.

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Add these high-familiarity contacts to a LinkedIn Audience for targeted ad campaigns.

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Why it works

The presence of existing relationships significantly reduces cost-per-opportunity. Marketing Campaigns warm the account in tandem with targeted sales outreach to former customer contacts.


Configure your play

1. Create a report for your audience

Using the LinkedIn Account Upload Audience Template as a guide, build the following report. Champify supplies, Company Name, Company website, company email domain, company page url. If the other fields in your CRM, you can pull them into the report though they are not needed for matching.

  1. Create a new "Accounts" Report in Salesforce
  2. Adjust your account filters. Make sure you target all contacts, set the right account critieria such as account type, industry, and employee count, and highlight the correct title. Qualification is done during configuration, so this is only if you want to narrow the scope further.
  3. Add a filter for Number of Champifys is greater than or equal to 3
  4. Build the report outline to reflect the LinkedIn Audience template:
  5. Save your report with the audience name - we like Former Champions - Retargeting Audience

This audience continuously grows as more customers change jobs, and your team closes new deals. It is updated in realtime as new contacts meet the criteria.

Note: Make sure you also add title criteria in your LinkedIn Campaigns

2. Connect the report with your targeting platform for continuous syncing

For details on syncing your audience using DemandBase follow these instructions.

For details on syncing your audience via Marketo, first sync this audience to Marketo, and then follow these instructions.

3. Manually upload the CSV for your LinkedIn Audience

  1. Download the report as a CSV
  2. Navigate to plan in your LinkedIn Advertising portal
  3. Select Audiences > Create Audience
  4. Select the CSV 
  5. Add the audience to the relevant campaign and add title/function/seniority requirements