How to recycle your team's champify contacts: a guide for managers

How to set up a process to re-engage Champifys that haven’t been worked in 90+ days


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Former customers convert 3x better than cold outbound on average, but that still leaves ~90% of warm contacts on the table. Maybe timing was off, or it was too early for your former customer to bring you into to their new company. 

Here’s how to help your team stay top of mind and run a re-engagement campaign to convert more of your former customers. Get the full walk through below.

  • Step 1: Create a Salesforce report
  • Step 2: Craft the messaging
  • Step 3: Enablement
  • Step 4: Success Metrics

Step 1: Create a Salesforce report

Navigate to the reports tab in Salesforce, hit new and select the “account and contacts” report type. (If your team works off the lead object, you’ll want to select the “lead” report type).

Add these seven filters:

  1. Show me: All contacts (or all leads)
  2. Created date: all time
  3. “Is a champify” = true
  4. Last activity less than “LAST 90 DAYS”
  5. “Champify-engaged” = true
  6. Contact status not equal to disqualified (or your equivalent, e.g. unqualified, dq’d, etc.)
  7. Account type = prospect

We recommend changing the columns of the report to include these fields: champify past account, champify previous relationship, champify job started date, champify linkedin URL, champify get intro from, last activity. You can remove the mailing information/fax fields.

Group the report by the account owner or SDR depending on who will be running the sprint.

You can add a graph to see the distribution of champifys by rep to highlight reps that will need th emost enablement.

Step 2: Craft the messaging

This cohort has been engaged before - we’re engaging them again because they were unresponsive. We’ll change the messaging in the outreach slightly to acknowledge that they have been touched with the former customer wording. See the messaging template below.

Step 3: Enablement 

While your team is likely familiar with how to use Champify for breaking into new net accounts or building champions in existing deals, spend 10 minutes talking through the play, what’s different, and show the new sequences.

Send them the report you created so they have the complete list and set an SLA so reps prioritize this.

If you’re not incorporating this into a PG Tuesday-type sprint, put a ~1 week SLA so these get prioritized or block two hours on a Friday for them to engage the target list.

Bonus: Have Ops automatically queue all the champifys in your recycling report into the new recycling outreach or salesloft sequence. Reps can centralize their workflow within the sales engagement tool.

Step 4: Success metrics

Keep your eye on the report and see the “last activity” column update with the latest activity. There are always competing priorities so if you’ve put the time into building the report and sequences, encourage reps to work through their list, either logging activity or disqualifying contacts.

Metrics to track:

  1. Engagement - are your reps logging new activity on these leads
  2. Conversion - meetings opened off this new activity
  3. Pipeline - qualified opportunities with sales created from the meetings

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