Build new pipeline with former product users

Email templates and instructions on how to break into a new account when a former product user changes accounts.


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Entry Criteria

A former product user starts an ICP role at an ICP prospect account with zero open opportunities.

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Route to & alert the relevant SDR, and auto-queue into the Champify New Pipeline sales sequence.

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Why it works

Because they already know and love your product - product users are >3x more likely to take a meeting and, when involved in a buying decision, can 2x opportunity win rate.


Configure your play

Routing & Alerting: assign to and alert the AE, SDR or team responsible for the contact's new prospect account.

Sales Engagement: map the Champify relationship fields (such as "past account name" and "name drop") to automatically generate high-quality messaging. Set up triggers to automatically queue these contacts in the appropriate outreach sequence.

Reporting: ensure Champify's out of the box reports (lead volume, adoption by rep, new pipeline attribution) are added to existing management dashboards.

Email Templates