Grow, Efficiently

Prioritize pre-existing relationships to build and strengthen pipeline.

More likely to respond
More likely to close
Faster deal cycles

Unlock a new pipeline channel

Former customers are a new type of "organic" inbound lead, and lead volume grows  as your business does. Customers will move to different business sizes, verticals and geographies, which are easy ins to existing accounts and new markets.

Improve Sales Efficiency

Enable BDRs and AEs to increase output without increasing activity. Reps can prioritize  leads who are more likely to convert - qualified former customers.

Reduce CAC

Allocate spend to more efficient lead channels. Customer alumni leads occur organically with time, outperform most MQLs, and are significantly more cost effective. Number of former customers in an account is also a great signal for ABM prioritization.

Prevent Churn

Alert CSMs when a key contact leaves a customer account, so they can find a new primary contact or power user and maintain a strong relationship.

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