Champiify validates the accuracy of contact information by accessing publicly available information from LinkedIn such as name, employer, job title. This data has been made public by the data owner themself.


Champify data is used for legitimate business activities, such as generating new sales and saving customer churn. Our data processing compares the data our customers provide against publicly available LinkedIn data with the aim to correct any outdated employment information. According to GDPR (art 5 para 1 lit d), businesses are obliged to maintain the accuracy of their data, such as customer contact data. Since Champify cleans customer contact data, it is considered as a measure to fulfill this obligation.


California consumers (defined in the CCPA), have the right to opt-out of the “sale” of your Personal Information on a going-forward basis (“sale” defined in the CCPA). You may request to exercise this opt-out by emailing


For access to Champify's DPA, please email

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