Why I’m joining Champify: The future of outbound sales

Shaalin Parekh
February 21, 2023

Why I’m joining Champify: The future of outbound sales

For the last decade, I’ve worked in operations and go-to-market functions at a top 10 bank and at startups of all sizes. Everywhere I’ve been, sales and marketing teams have been laser-focused on finding the most efficient and scalable ways to create pipeline.

Most teams try to increase pipeline by optimizing cold outbound, usually with new technology, processes, and personalization. The problem is that more SaaS companies + more cold outbound automation = buyers inundated with calls and emails. Response rates to cold outbound are at an all time low.

Less than 24% of cold outreach emails get opened and response rates average anywhere from 1-5%.

In the world SaaS companies are operating today, metrics like that are untenable. Companies can’t continue to pour money into cold outbound machines that don’t yield significant pipeline creation. 

When I spoke to Todd about Champify, his vision immediately resonated with me. SaaS companies have thousands of warm leads that they don’t even know about. These could be former users, people who’ve evaluated or championed the solution, or even connections to the executive team. Sales teams can’t operationalize these warm leads because of bad data in their CRM or job movement.

In a short time, Todd’s assembled an incredible team of people who deeply understand the problem, prioritize ease of use for sales users, and have brought on an impressive group of early customers. Champify is already serving up a steady stream of warm leads to dozens of customers on a weekly basis. These customers are generating millions of dollars in pipeline in a cost efficient way.

As I dove deeper into how this market will mature with the team, it became very clear that there is a massive opportunity to build on this foundation, and I’m thrilled to join as part of the founding team to help share this story with the market and continue to build on the success the team has had already!

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